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Being toxin-free is a shift in the

products you use, the foods you eat,

and your awareness of everything in your environment.

Transform today for a cleaner tomorrow.  

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About Me

"Digital Marketing is what I do.  Educating healthy lifestyle devotees on how to live clean and green is who I am."



Fashion became my passion at an early age.  I studied fashion design at The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles, and over the span of 29 years, I designed for many high end brands where I had spent countless hours working.  I had even opened my own women's brand of golf wear.  As a Mom of two, I felt that working my heart out was my way to ultimate success.  Not so.  


I began my journey to living clean when my kids were very young, around the time I started my golf wear company.  Eating organically was becoming a trend, though information on NON-GMO foods was scarce.  I searched online for everything on how to eat clean.  I also began looking into toxins and its impact on our bodies and our environment.  I found myself spending many hours finding the information I needed.  It was frustrating to say the least.

Years have passed since my early days of education on living clean. My passion for Fashion was waning, so I decided to learn a new skillset around digital marketing that would enable me to share the products and information on everything in this space.  Helping health junkies focus on what is important to living clean became my new passion.  

Today, as a freelance digital marketer, I am creating the lifestyle I desperately desired for me and my family.  I am leveraging emerging technologies like social media to spread the information to everyone who desires the same.  I am excited  to be sharing what is important by applying digital marketing strategies to the lifestyle they want to lead.  

Whether it's to increase your social presence for partnership opportunities, sell more of your products or services online, or even launch a new idea you have always wanted, I am here to help!

Watch the presentation below to understand more on how a new skill in marketing can help you create the outcomes you have been ready to create.

My Work

What is it I do? Freelance Marketing. I am a digital marketer with multiple ranges of skills from content and copywriting creation, to social media, ad creation and media buying, building sales funnels, strategy building and design.

I believe in a simple methodology when it comes to creating wealth as a successful marketer. It starts with identifying an audience of people that have a common problem, and then sourcing a quality product or service that will help them overcome the problem they have, then simply get that product in front of them.

I also believe that the skillset of marketing has never been easier to learn and apply. 

True freedom is having control of your time and finances, and thanks to emerging technologies it has never been a better time to take advantage of the new digital age.


Websites Are Dead.

A sales funnel is an experience. With the world becoming more digital every day, understanding how to develop an experience through a digital device to sell your offer is a necessity.

Social Media

The New Media.

With trust declining for the traditional media forms, the masses are turning toward self-serve media platforms that allow the "little guy" to get their message out to the world. Put it to work for you.


Learn From Proof.

As the performance increases for the good guys, so does it allow more room for the bad guys. It is important to develop trust with who you decide to learn from. Let the results speak over the "Guru".

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Lulu A Faddis


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